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About Us

We power innovation for service providers in education, healthcare, and business and industry to maximize return on investment.


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Diff6 is a Shared Services exchange and transformation strategies services company. We deliver solutions to help you take costs out of your IT operations and, at the same time, deliver new services to your customers.

Our journey into the world of Enterprise Service Management and Shared Services began when five CIOs and an entrepreneur were discussing shop over breakfast. We asked ourselves a question, "what if there was a way to leverage each of our organization's core competencies and share them with each other?" Rather than reinvent the wheel by copying each other's successes in a mediocre fashion or outsource our operations to mercenaries, "what if we could consume rather than copy?"

Our Enterprise Service Management and Shared Services adventure was born and realized from a great desire to get out-of-the- box of traditional thinking to delight our customers. We committed to the vision with a handshake. We would fail fast, learn, and be as agile as possible. We would begin with the people first--our most important asset.

Over four years we built strategies and partnerships to implement Enterprise Service Management and Shared Services across our organizations. We merged our service desks, adopted core training for our teams, and standardized our processes and service catalogs. We implemented and replaced our legacy systems with multi-tenant alternatives and partnered with product and service vendors who understood our vision.

We formed Diff6 to help leaders, who like us, have a great desire to deliver more value.

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