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Move Past Keeping the Lights On ...

... and start empowering your customers. Leave commodity IT behind to become a strategic partner and valued advisor.

Higher Education

Map Out Your Journey

Transitioning from a cost-based IT organization to a valued service provider can be quite challenging. Even knowing where to start is sometimes difficult, much less staying the course. Our road mapping process is a series of sessions conducted over three days, including:

  • Highly focused strategy sessions.
  • In-depth discovery and business analysis.
  • Basic training for the journey ahead.

The result is a planning document that you may use to improve and mature your IT organization.

Understand the Rules of the Road

Training and coaching is at the core of our mission, and we offer a variety of professional development programs, including those focused on enterprise service management for IT professionals as well as a non-technical audience. Examples include:

  • The Basis: Topics to enlighten and inform technologists on the nature and function of business.
  • From Green Screen to Touch Screen: A training series designed to assist staff coming from legacy systems to get up to speed on modern technologies. This series is also beneficial for non-technical service desk staff and business managers in charge of technology products and services.
  • ITSM Training: Accredited training for ITIL® and supplemental training for IT and enterprise service management.

Build a solid foundation for growth, or provided much-needed fuel to sustain efforts to improve.

Gain Ground On Your Most Important Objectives

Having a plan is a necessity. Training can help get your staff up to speed. Sometimes, though, this isn't enough. For reasons too numerous to name, you fail to get traction despite your best intentions. Failing to finish is the last of the most common barriers institutional change.

  • You need consistency and structure to make regular progress.
  • Your progress must be objective-based, and measured on a scale of value that matters to your institution.
  • Your approach must be holistic; that is, it considers the entire institution -- it's people, processes, and technologies.

We created the Traction Control Program™ to help institutions consistently gain ground on their IT goals and objectives.

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