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Go From Strength to Strength

Improve customer attraction and retention with data-driven decision-making and first-class digital interactions.

Fitness Providers

Digital transformation helps improve customer attraction and retention. It can also provide you with strategic direction and better decision-making.

Hybrid Physical and Digital Experiences

Studios that are able to reopen (or not) may enhance membership options and open broader access to customers by providing a hybrid of the in-studio experience. Live-streaming your fitness classes and providing video on demand makes anywhere, anytime participation possible while creating a feeling of connectedness.

According to RunRepeat data, more than 25% of gym members worldwide are uncertain if they will return to their gyms. We can probably assume that this number is similar for yoga studios, martial arts dojos, and other kinds of fitness providers.

Gamification, community building, and enhanced digital experiences are key to capturing market share and meeting customers wherever they may be.


Not surprisingly, live-streaming of sessions saw a massive increase in 2020 and there is little doubt that the use of such services will continue to increase into the foreseeable future.

Providing a live-stream of sessions to your members provides them with convenience and flexibility, and has already become a powerful factor in attraction and retention. Members are still able to work out together and maintain a connection with instructors, whether they are on location, at home, or outdoors.

Live-streaming provides another way to engage your members and can help increase both bookings and attendance.

How we help: We can facilitate a strategic conversation for live-streaming implementation or improvement, as well as work with you to identify providers. For larger clients, we can also implement a custom streaming solution or help integrate existing solutions into your existing systems.

Video On Demand

Live sessions may be recorded and distributed to members that were unable to attend. Pre-recorded sessions delivered online or via a mobile app can reach a wider audience. While it takes more work to plan, prepare, and deliver VOD, the payoff in brand awareness and member loyalty may be well worth the effort.

VOD is perhaps more flexible and convenient than live-streaming, and careful planning of content allows you to extend the reach of instructors without increasing the workload. This is especially helpful if you are short-staffed or a solo operator.

It can become a new revenue stream as part of a premium content offer and at a minimum will be viewed as a value-add which boosts member attraction and acquisition.

How we help: We can help you plan for launch of VOD and develop the processes for content planning, recording, and publication. (In some cases, we can offer video editing and preparation.) We may also help integrate your videos into your existing website, pull video analytics, and ensure that both live-streaming and VOD systems are constantly operational.

Branded Mobile Apps

A mobile app, branded for your business, increases credibility and adds yet another way to engage with your members. It may be used for bookings, to deliver live-streams or video on demand, and for communicating events, special offers, and maintaining connections among members.

Mobile apps are also a good place to implement gamification tactics that increase engagement.

How we can help: We can specify, build, and deploy a mobile app. However, mobile app development and ownership is not for the faint of heart -- or the budget-constrained. So we've developed strategies that allow you to provide a mobile app to your customers as cost-effectively as possible.

Effective Communications

Your website (you do have a respectable website, yes?), your customer list, your email list, and event your scheduling system: These are all part of communication. But what about text/SMS? Digital signage? In-app messaging?

These are the channels upon which you base effective communication, and technology is the backbone. However, the channels are only the beginning.

Communicating effectively is both an art and a science. Many businesses communicate poorly both internally and externally, yet think they are doing it well, unless it's taken entirely for granted -- which is also often the case.

Good communication with prospects and members will convey a specific message to a specific person with specific timing.

How we help: We created a framework for communication planning and provide both consulting and training as well as technology solutions for managing channels and messages.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

In the current environment, decisions must be both quick and good. For that you need quality data. This isn't always easy. You may have a point-of-sale system (or more than one if you are international), a mobile app with in-app purchases and an API for usage statistics, a system for retail sales, an inventory system, a scheduling system, and different providers for live-streaming and video on demand.

How we help: We bring data together from all of your software assets, creating reports and dashboards that build a real-time view of performance and business operations. Your data becomes an invaluable source of information, knowledge, and wisdom for guiding your marketing, sales, and operational decisions.

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