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We Are the Music Makers, and We Are the Dreamers of the Dreams

Transform your consulting business for fine-tuned service delivery OR bring the value of digital transformation to your clients.

Business and Productivity Consultants

Consulting can be tough. We know how it is. You often get blamed for everything bad while the credit goes to someone else for everything good. It's also rewarding, and if you're anything like the Diff 6 consulting team, you do the work because you love it. You love the clients you serve and the problems you solve.

Our mission is to help the helpers, build up the builders, support the supporters.

Your Information Technology Back Office

Maybe you are looking for better communication with your team or you clients. Maybe you need internal productivity systems that also support secure, external interaction with clients and stakeholders. Maybe you just need technical support for your infrastructure and devices.

In short, if you need -- but can't afford -- your own I.T. department, then look to us to be your back office. Programming, networking, device management, data security -- we will provide it all.

Your Technology Partner

If you find yourself trying to advise you clients on technology but feel it's not in your wheelhouse, we can help you by providing the critical, expert advice and implementation practices that will transform your clients' businesses.

We'll do this at whatever visibility you desire: As a "silent" partner where you do all the talking and we do all the work; as a transparent extension of your team; or as a preferred partner where your work ends where our work begins.

Whatever the case, you serve clients more fully while increasing revenue with a fully integrated service offering.

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