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Shared Services Exchange

Connect, collaborate, and consult with members and partners.


Membership in the Diff 6 Exchange™ not only connects you to like-minded organizations and trusted partners, but also provides a number of value-generating services to help you advance your goals and objectives.

$ 4,200
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$ 8,300
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Road Mapping A documented road map with goals, objectives, and projects. Performed annually, reviewed quarterly.
Training Events and self-paced content for all staff, not just IT.
Consulting on Demand Sound-boarding and consultation for executive sponsors. 2 Sessions Per Month Unlimited
Coordination/Facilitation Regular CIO meetings, service owner meetings, and summits.
Web Portal Access Includes events, training, member directory and access to road map and reports. Also included is "mission control"; an online application which provides self-guided implementations supported by consulting, training, etc.
Formal/Certification Training Instructor-led training for ITIL, DevOps, and more. Excludes cost of materials and exams. Certification training is also available for a per-seat cost, which includes materials and exams.
Standard Engagements Standard engagements are comprised of both done-with-you and done-for-you services, which focus on strategy, design, implementation, operation, and improvement of services and processes. Each engagement includes both consulting and operationalization in ServiceNow, when appropriate.
Travel expenses for in-person events are not included.
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