Cool Hand Framework

A collection of processes for creating and maintaining a communication plan for a department, division, or the entire organization.


Data Services Blueprint

Guidance and processes for implementing reporting and strategic analytics as a service. Includes templates, tools, and pre-packaged training.

(Coming Soon)

Integrated Budgeting

A set of light-weight processes and simple tools for defining and the costs of service operation in order to compare the delivered value.

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The IT Shared Services Framework, or ITSSF (pronounced its eff), is a collection of processes for building a shared services group.


Mainspring Framework

A talent management framework for businesses dedicated to putting the right people in the right positions. Includes guides, processes, and templates.


Open Source


A library and command line interface for managing software projects. Includes support for re-usable source code, dependency management, file-based project management, and various useful utilities.

(Coming Soon)


Enterprise-worthy resources to super-charge your Django development. Includes abstract models, a user interface system similar to the Django admin, tools and utilities for Web application development.

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Tail Feathers

Enterprise-worthy resources to super-charge your CMS development with the Wagtail CMS. Includes abstract models, contrib apps for common Web site functionality, templates for rendering structured content.

(Coming Soon)


Action X Solutions

A suite of communication tools including announcements, digital signage, status pages, and more.

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A collection of tools for easy and consistent application deployments, multi-tenant management, and single sign-on.

(Coming Soon)

Pursuits XRM

A suite of productivity systems for ITSM, ESM, customer management, project management, talent management, and more.

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