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We empower our members and partners to bring their strengths together to provide great services to customers at a fraction of the cost.


Alone on an island of services

Think you're alone on an island reinventing the wheel to meet the needs of your customers? You're not. Many solution and service providers felt the same way until joining Diff6.

Our members share services in their specialty areas with fellow members. They also consume services and knowledge from fellow members. The days of "just good enough" are gone.

Diff6 members are leveraging Shared Services to balance cost and risk with value by connecting with innovative, like-minded technology leaders. Utilizing relationships, strategies, and tactics through Service Management methodologies provides an alternative to outsourcing and insourcing. Ultimately to provide better value to your customers while also reducing costs to reinvest to improve or extend services.

Together We Can Do More

We help like minded innovators strategize and develop programs, services, and processes to connect their islands to leverage shared services to provide more value.

Learn from others and share your ideas to leverage cost, value, and risk to delight your customers and your service teams. Contact us for a no risk consultation.

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